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just a quick note...

Happy Christmas Eve!

Eeek, excited to open presents tomorrow xD haha
And actually, this might be kinda sad, I'm also really looking forward to the Royle Family Christmas Special! Haha, I love the Royle family xD

So yeah, I might post tonight (well tomorrow morning) after church. Cause we go at midnight then when we come back me and my brother open one present from each other, haha.

Thanks to everyone who's sent me stuff ♥
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Just a quick update, cause I just want to say;
I got in to Keele!
Yayy xD
Ans I only need a C in Sociology?! Oh my gosh I was expecting that I need an A, but a C?!
So I don't want to jinx it or anything, but I think I'll be able to get a C ;P

Oh, and all my Christmas cards have been sent out so hopefully they'll all arrive soon!
(And gifts for lifenaturelovex (whose has arrived and I'm so glad you like it!) and la_loony)

And also, Lewis Holtby is my new love ♥ hehe XD
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Howdy *waves* haha...

I've been off school for the past two days due to the snow. We've had like 7/8 inches, which is fair enough I guess. I just hate when school closes when there's only a few centimetres of snow, like on Monday there was hardly any and only 6 people showed up for my A2 Sociology! I hate when some people can't be bothered to teach so the teacher doesn't teach us, that is so annoying, I could be bothered to show up and it's their fault they miss work cause they couldn't be bothered to come in, know what I mean?
Anywaaay, haha sorry about that mini rant. School is open tomorrow from 10. Meaning I'll miss my 9-10 class which I actually like, and will have my 11-12 which is so boring.

Erm, what else can I say?
Oh lifenaturelovex I posted your gift the other day, hopefully it arrives safely!
And la_loony I'll post yours soon, it will probably be next weekend cause I have to go into Sheffield to look for something ;) teeheehee. But I checked the Royal Mail website and the last posting date to Western Europe is the 13th, so it will deff be there by Christmas :)

OH, oh oh! Yeah I sent off my UCAS (uni applications) last week, and so far I have a conditional offer from Bangor, and an unconditional from Aberystwyth! Hehe, yay! I was kinda worried I wouldn't get in anywhere but an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER! Yay xD To be honest I feel so lazy and am getting really stressed about Sociology I feel tempted to just say 'fuck it, I'll just go to Aberystwyth', but I won't cause I really really really want to go to Keele, assuming I'll get in, which I feel is a little unlikely. Oh well, fingers crossed!
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Many thousands of animals are tormented and killed at local fiestas held across Spain every year. At fire bull fiestas, bulls have flaming torches attached to their horns and are goaded as they attempt to escape the flames licking above their heads. Watch a video of such an event.

The bulls used in fiestas are frequently supplied by the same farmers who breed bulls for bullfighting, providing more income for supporters of the bullfighting industry.

Every November in the village of Medinaceli in the Castilla y León region of northern Spain, El Toro Jubilo, or the Jubilation Bull, festival takes place.

Late in the evening, a bull is roped to a post in the town square whilst flaming torches are attached to its horns.

Unshackled once the torches above its head are ablaze, the bull dashes about the square trying to avoid roaring bonfires, as spectators rush in, trying to goad it. The animal tosses its head again and again, as it turns in one direction then the next, trying desperately to escape the fire burning above its head. As the fire burns, drops of the flammable liquid fall on to the head and body of the animal and loud firecrackers explode above the square. These events can last for up to 40 minutes.

El Toro Jubilo is not the only fire bull event held across Spain. There is much support locally for an end to these brutal spectacles. According to Spanish group PACMA, 84 percent of people who took part in a recent poll rejected similar events, known as correbous, in Catalonia.

Please sign our letter to Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, at the Ministry of Interior and Justice in Castilla y León, asking him to stop the use of animals at El Toro Jubilo and at other fiestas. 

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I've been meaning to post for like two weeks now, but have just never had the patience to sit down and type.

I started German classes :) Yeah, I had my second class on Wednesday. I don't know how it's going, I don't think I'm very good. I don't know, even though I really don't want to, I'm feeling like I should give up, just because I always think that giving up is better than trying and failing, which I know isn't the case. But because we've paid I'm going to keep going to all the classes. I just get really upset and frustrated at myself when I can't do things, which is stupid because I know that after two lessons no one's going to expect me to be great (well, OK, maybe I expect myself to be great).

Oh, last Monday I was sat on the bus, minding my own business, as you do, and the guy who was sat on the seats opposite from me (like, we were sat on opposite isles, both sitting nearest the window), he leans over and this is our 'conversation':
Him: Excuse me, how old are you?
Me: Why?
Him: I just want to know how old you are.
Me: 18.
Him: 18, huh... Can I have you number?
Me: Erm, no.
Him: Oh, nevermind then.
Then he just turned away to look out his window! Can you believe that?! I mean if he was with a friend I'd have thought it was just a joke at my expense, but no he was sat on his own! It was so weird and I was so embarrassed! Who says that?! I was scared he was stalking me and was going to rape me and kill me (I must watch too many crime TV shows). Ergh, it was so weird I couldn't believe it.

School's OK. It's really weird just doing one subject, and I do get a bit confused between the AS work and the A2 work. And also being in an AS class is so weird, because they're only 16, and they've just done they're GCSEs so don't really know how A-Levels work.

And if you want to, follow me on tumblr (, I love tumblr! ♥ :)