Bethany. (whatever_freak) wrote,

Wow, it's been a while. It seems like another lifetime ago. It's crazy.

I sometimes think of all the friends I made on LJ, Twitter, Xanga (remember that?) and Tumblr back in the 00s and wonder what happened to them all. It's sad to think that at one point they were my only friends, now I can't even remember their names.

But we have to keep moving forward, always.

If I could have told my 14-year-old self what my life would be like now, I never would have believed it. Sometimes it feels like so much has changed and I'm a completely different person, sometimes it feels like nothing has changed except the surroundings.

Anyway, to anyone who's reading this, I hope you're well. And thank you for being there all those years ago. To some people online friendships may seem like nothing, but back then I can tell you, they were important to me.

Take care,

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