Bethany. (whatever_freak) wrote,

A-Level Results :)

Hey everyone.
I got into Keele! Yayyy! The uni I wanted to go to :)
So I got my results on Thursday. In the AS module I got 118/120 and in the A2 module I got 120/120! Gan you believe that?! 100% in the crime module?! I can't believe I didn't drop one mark!
Yay, I'm so proud of myself, haha XD So yeah, I got an A overall, a little disapointed I didn't do better in the media module in January to get an A* overall, but I guess it doesn't matter now.
On results day (and after I found out I got 100%) I was hoping to see my teacher so, you know, he could praise me ;) haha. No I was hoping to see him for, you know, the last time, haha. But he wasn't there so I guess I'll never see him again. He was really nice.

So I think uni starts in mid September but I can't be sure of the exact date till I get the information throught the post. I'm really nervous, haha, I don't make friends very well. Kinda worried I'll end up not making any friends, but we'll see :)

Anyway, I decided I wanted to get a new journal as I really hate this username, haha.
So if you want to add my new journal x_bethanyy.
No hard feelings if you don't want ti, it's fine :) I'll add everyone I want to be friends with soon :)
Tags: ! -update/rant/life, ! school

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