Bethany. (whatever_freak) wrote,

OK, I feel like I should post here, cause I feel quilty for not posting.
Well, not much has happened. Not much ever happens. I just go to school and come home. I don't know, I don't really talk to many people. I've been feeling kinda lonely lately, but what can you do?

Hmm... Exams coming up soon. I only have 2. The 20th of May and the 20th of June. I hate exams, always turn into a nervous wreck, but they have to be done.

So, after school I'll be going to uni in September. I'm kind of scared, well OK very scared. I'm not really feeling too excited about going. To be honest I have low expectations of it. I don't know, like I haven't made friends at school so why would I make them at uni? I don't know how I'm going to cope. My parents keep saying they hope I'll "come out of my shell", I don't really expect to.

Argh, I have nothing interesting to say and I'm just complaining, so I'm going to go.
Hope you are all OK.
Tags: ! -update/rant/life, ! school
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