Bethany. (whatever_freak) wrote,

I was tagged by supahhbad

1. Compose a list of YOUR top ten sexiest/cutest/hottest/etc men from #10-#1.
2. Collect pictures of each guy.
3. Post them in your journal.
4. Tag five people to do the same:
vitasenzafine, spence_reid, lourdxstunner, suey_xo and xxethereal, well I want everyone to do it so... :)

10. Scott Mechlowicz

9. Ioan Gruffudd

8. James Marsden

7. Prince Harry

6. Johnny Depp

5. Leo DiCaprio

4. David Kross

3. Aaron Bruckner

2. Marcus Hedbrandh

1. Ryan Taylor

Tags: . fun/quizzes/meme, . models, . pretty/hot celeb pics

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